Tips When Looking For Basement Remodeling Contractors

Finishing your previously unused basement gives you additional space in your home and so much more. It offers you a rare opportunity to exploit your creative side through the design process. And ultimately, you will transform a dark, uninviting space into a room that adds value and comfort to your home, making it an integral part of your family’s daily life.

Today, there are so many design shows on television it is hard to keep up with them. Kitchen Crashers, Bath Crashers, I Hate My Bathroom and many others show us, the homeowners, just what can be done with a decent budget, know-how and a little ingenuity. HubPages is a community of people like you that care about sharing knowledge in topics such as Home , Electrical Wiring Improvements , Hand Tools , Door Improvements Nothing makes Hubbers as happy as a new visitor enjoying their articles. Spend some time and explore the world on the #1 Community writing site on the internet.

We’ll never share or sell your email address or other personal information you may provide us in the course of using the site with anyone without your explicit consent. I’ve created an easy to use spreadsheet for you to create a custom basement cost estimate for your specific basement. The link to download it is included in the very first email for subscribers to the newsletter. Steve’s company helps his clients navigate the unique challenges that come along with refinishing basements, such as water management.

Moonlake, I’m so envious that you purchased an old farm house. I’ve always wanted to, just never had the opportunity. I love DIY projects and repurposing furniture. I repurposed an old dresser in to an outdoor storage bench for planting. Such great ideas. Math formulas and multipliers to help you bend electrical conduit. Learn how to bend conduit to any configuration desired, not merely the common bends on a conduit bender. Thanks K9, Thanks for the hub hug! My sisters are very creative when it comes to Redneck living. Thanks again!

Paint settles after it is mixed at the store. Make sure to mix it thoroughly with the free wooden stir stick you receive at the hardware store when you purchase the paint. Now I’m not sure from your question if you might have been asking about just drywall and painting, if that’s the case then my estimate for drywall, drywall finishing (mudding) and painting – assuming your framing is decent, I would guess around $1,500. Jenny and Nick visit a customer who had a severe mold problem in her finished basement. Nick explains how conventional finishing materials, such as drywall, wood studs and fiberglass insulation can be an invitation for mold and decay.