Vintage Modern Master Bath Remodel

A small bathroom in Manhattan is often a fact of life. Remodeling in New York City, NYKB has years of experience elegantly optimizing the limited space with clever small bathroom ideas. Designed by the experts at NYKB, small is no longer a limitation. Our experts in small bathroom remodeling will help you to incorporate your own personal touch into the design, creating just the look you dream of. There is no better place than NYKB for small bath remodeling.

The house is timber framed with hand hewn hardwood beams and rough cut true 2X12 floor joists. The flooring is 6 inch wide heart pine planking and the walls are plaster and lath construction. The barn is framed with mortise and tenon construction with pine plank siding. The barn is covered on 3 sides with old license plates dating from 1917 to 1936.

The flooring chosen for this renovation was a vinyl peel-and-stick product that has the feel and finish of medium, warm, Oak-finished bamboo. The flooring is easy to apply, lending itself to single-person application. It also presents a virtually seamless finished floor that is stain and scratch resistant, and easy to keep clean and shining with regular vacuuming and the occasional damp mopping.

Existing tile colors, like fixture colors, are often regarded as a given, although ceramic tile can be painted or tiled over if you’re willing to take the trouble. You can work with existing tile colors in the same way as colored fixtures. If you have historic tile or really wild tile colors and designs, though, it may work best to feature them and build the whole color scheme around them.

Remodeling is stressful at best. When things are not in the proper places it is irritating. Do your research well. Know what materials cost so you don’t go into shock at your contractors estimates. Know what you want. Have a good relationship with your contractor. Because you trust your contractor it is good to listen to his advice. He knows the tricks of the trade and you might just like his suggestions.