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One you’ve decided that the time is right to remodel your bathroom, the next step is to pinpoint the exact reasoning behind this remodel. Remodeling a bathroom is, after all, not only a great opportunity to make your bathroom more visually pleasing: it is also an ideal time to make it more functional as well. When we handle the design of your bathroom remodel, you can count on a beautiful finished product that will suit the needs of every resident in your home.

If I could get the money together to get the house and supplies, My son can do most of the work. He has worked raising houses, roofing and doing tile work for the last year. He has gotten quite good. He is working for a sub-contractor who works for a big contractor. When his sub-contractor isn’t working, he lends my son to others to keep him working.

I really shopped around for options. The entire process almost deserves its own post. Given that the condo was built in the early 80’s I could not just buy an off the shelf” sink vanity. It was a custom size. You know what that means~ $$$. I checked out granite, engineered stone, and laminate. In the end we went with a cultured marble vanity top by St. Paul in white. It took 15 days to be delivered.

Although bathrooms are small rooms that are usually removed from the central parts of a home, you and your family will spend a great deal of time in them. Transforming a tired, drab bathroom into something more modern, attractive, and efficient can make a significant impact on your daily life. Bell Home Solutions can help you completely revamp your bathroom with our comprehensive remodeling services. We handle the entire process, so you don’t need to work with various contractors for each different step and deal with misunderstandings due to poor communications. Whether it’s plumbing, lighting, drywall, cabinets, or new fixture installation, you can depend on us from start to finish.